Photos of Molten Lava

Photographs of molten lava in and near Volcanoes National Park on the Island of Hawaii. The lava comes from the ongoing eruption of Kilauea.

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Lava runs over a newly formed black sand beach Lava flows over a newly formed black sand beach, during twilight.


Keck telescopes in moonlight The lava flow glows brightly in the twilight, producing copious quantities of steam when it meets the ocean.


Keck-1 telescope with Milky Way behind New land is created along the coast of the Big Island.


Keck-2 telescope with Orion above As the twilight fades, the glow from the lava as it enters the ocean becomes magnificent.


Keck telescopes with stars behind A toe of molten lava slowly approaches.


Keck telescopes, Subaru and Mauna Kea shadow Large clouds of steam are produced as the lava enters the ocean.


Keck I, Subaru, and partially eclipsed moon A group of sightseers watch the lava enter the ocean.


A strong wind produced this wave-shaped cloud as the lava entered the ocean from the Kilauea volcano.


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