Kenya - Photos of Amboseli

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Lion and lioness Between Masai Mara and Amboseli, we stopped at the Great Rift Valley view point.


Lion and lioness mating Saddle-billed stork.


Masai giraffes Elephant crossing the road in Amboseli National Park.


grevy's zebra Elephants in Amboseli National Park.


zebras Our driver was able to take us very close to the elephants. He assured us this was perfectly safe - we were not so sure.


masai, cow and calf The view from inside our vehicles. Each of the vehicles had a roof that was raised for animal viewing. Mt. Kiliminjaro can be seen in the distance.


lion Mt. Kiliminjaro in moonlight. The Southern Cross, pointers, and Eta Carina are visible.


lion and vehicles Elephants with Mt. Kiliminjaro in the background.


crowned cranes This baby elephant needed help from its mother to step over the edge of the road. It is getting nudged from behind.


Masai people A baboon with Mt. Kiliminjaro in the background.


Msai cooking pot The same baboon. Mt. Kiliminjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. It just across the border, in Tanzania.


Masai man We went on a three-mile hike in Amboseli National Park. This Masai man was our guide. We were somewhat reticent to be out in the open without the protection of a vehicle, but he assured us that none of his guests had ever been attacked.


Masai woman Masai dancers.


vultures Lone Masai person walking along the road to Amboseli National Park. Mt. Kiliminjaro is seen in the distance. It was so clear that we could see Mt. Kiliminjaro almost all the way back to Nairobi.



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