Kenya - Photos of Masai Mara

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Lion and lioness Lion and lioness.


Lion and lioness mating Lion and lioness mating. We were told that they do this 80 times in 24 hours.


Masai giraffes Masai giraffe, found in southern Kenya.


grevy's zebra Lone giraffe.


zebras Zebras.


masai, cow and calf A lone Masai person was accompanying this cow that had just given birth to a calf.


lion Lion.


lion and vehicles Too close for comfort!


crowned cranes Crowned cranes.


Masai people Masai people in the Masai village that we visited.


Msai cooking pot Masai cooking pot inside a hut, cooking special food for a celebration.


Masai man Masai man.


Masai woman Masai woman .


vultures Vultures.



elephant Elephant.



baby elephants Baby elephants .


genet cat Genet cat.


Masai dancers Masai dancers.


lion with flies on its face Lion with flies all over its face.


crowned cranes Leopard in tree.


hippos Hippos.


cheetah eating gazelle Cheetah eating Thompson's gazelle..


cheetah Cheetah after eating most of gazele..


marabou storks Marabou storks.


black rhimo Black rhinoceros.


tree with storks Tree with storks.



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